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Supercharging Medical Educators

Professional video editing for the busy surgeon, by surgeons


MedFX productions offers a simple, easy and professional cloud-based solution to produce your medical or surgical videos. Our producers are certified medical video editors, who undersand both the technical aspects of video editing as well as educational value of medical procedural videos. We complete production with an average turnaround time of 72 hours. We edit surgical footage into a concise, polished video which can include annotations and voice-over narration, helping tell a complete story of the procedure.

Submit your raw footage

We provide a link to upload your raw footage, or offer quick transfer through a hard drive or USB stick. Include any interventional video, imaging (CT, MRI, reconstructions), surgical videos or other interesting media to illustrate what you would like to show.

We handle editing

Tell us what you would like us to do:

  • Video target length
  • Particular aspects to illustrate
  • Titling and emphasis

As doctors and surgeons involved in multimedia authoring, we have the experience to showcase your teaching point in the best possible way.

Present your video

All videos will be branded with the MedFX Productions logo, and the copyright to the video is transfered back to you.  You will receive a download link of the final edit, which you can use as you please: present at a national or international meeting, submit to a multimedia journal, post to your or your institutional web site. The entire process takes an average of 72 hours from upload to download.

We specialize in all types of media, including SD, HD, 1080p and 4K recordings, as well as 3D video acquired by the latest cameras and Da Vinci systems.


Patrick Myers

Patrick Myers

CEO and co-founder

Dr Myers is a board-certified cardiovascular surgeon, privat docent at the University of Geneva and entrepreneur. He is associate editor of the Multimedia Manual of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery (MMCTS) and of
Ihsan Inan

Ihsan Inan

Chief medical officer and co-founder

Dr Inan is a board-certified general and digestive surgeon based in Geneva, Switzerland. He is an expert in advanced laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

MedFX Productions

Supercharging Medical Educators from Geneva, Switzerland


For any questions, a quote, specific requests or more examples of our work, don’t hesitate to contact using the form below.